Torre Mare Nostrum / Gas Natural (Barcelona, Spain)

This building is located in Barcelona (Spain) and it is called the Torre Mare Nostrum (headquarters of the Gas Natural Company). The architects are Enric Miralles (1955 – July 3, 2000) and Benedetta Tagliabue.
Enric Miralles is also the designer of the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh.
Enric could not see the Torre Mare Nostrum and the Scottish Parliament finished, in fact they were completed in 2006 and 2004 respectively.
Benedetta Tagliabue lives and works in Venice and New York. She worked with Enric in the design of the Scottish Parliament. This information is mainly retrieved from wikipedia.
I will post some other pictures of this building in the future. This picture represents only a portion of the entire construction. I particularly love this image because I was lucky in taking the picture just while a man in a suit was passing in front of the building; he gives the sense of the business look related to the area and also gives the sense of dimensions of the main object in the scene.
What are your thoughts about architecture photography? Do you have some buildings that you have photographed and that you love particularly? I do not have much experience in architectural photography. One of the most beautiful places for photographing architecture is, I think, La Défense in Paris. If you have a list of architectural buildings that you would like to suggest, experiences that you would like to share, pictures that you would like to show to the other readers of this blog, feel free to post and comment.
All the best
– Angelo


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