Selinunte – Temple of Hera (Tempio E – Sicily – Sicilia)

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Selinunte (Greek: Σελινοῦς; Latin: Selinus) is an ancient Greek archaeological site on the south coast of Sicily, southern Italy, between the valleys of the rivers Belice and Modione in the province of Trapani. It was one of the most important of the Greek colonies in Sicily. The archaeological site contains five temples centered on an acropolis. Of the five temples, only the Temple of Hera, also known as “Temple E”, has been re-erected. (source:wikipedia)


Windmill at Dusk. Saline Marsala (Trapani) – Sicily – Sicilia

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Windmill at Dusk. Shot at Saline di Marsala (Trapani) – Sicily – Sicilia
Ok, so, this was quite a surprise when I watched the results of the 30 seconds exposure. You can’t integrate the scene for 30 seconds with your eyes… so this is something you can see only using your camera. In this case I used my Canon 550D. Actually, to the naked eye, it was almost complete darkness, I could barely see some light on the horizon. But when a previewed the picture on the LCD, I was really surprised of the result. I just love this atmosphere.

Santorini – Oia (Greece)

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The blue domes in Oia (Santorini)

I would suggest to anyone who loves the beauty of greek nature and architecture to visit Santorini. This is a view of the blue domes and tower bell in Oia. There are a lot of these fantastic blue domes in Santorini.

Wheat Field (Sicily – Sicilia)

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Wheat Field (Sicily – Sicilia)
Actually, my first Flickr work on a Canon 550D image!
I have been asked this picture for an oil paint. I gave the permission to the gentle american woman that asked for it and… I am waiting for the final result. I hope she is enjoying the act of painting this view.

Stromboli – Ginostra (Aeolian Islands, Isole Eolie)

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View from Ginostra (Stromboli)

Stromboli is one of the Aeolian islands. It is an active volcano. Ginostra is an extremely small village in Stromboli that you can reach only using a boat.

Stromboli (Aeolian Islands, Isole Eolie)

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This picture was shot on the Stromboli Island (Aeolian Islands).
Stromboli is a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north coast of Sicily. It is constantly active with major eruptions, often visible from many points on the island and from the surrounding sea, giving rise to the island’s nickname “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” (wikipedia)

Caldera of Santorini (View from Oia)

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How can you ever get tired of this view?
Come ci si può mai stancare di osservare la caldera da Oia?